Monday, October 12, 2009

Has it been so long?

Hmm, lots of stuff I could write about, lots has happened since my last post! However, I'm just posting something, looking for motivation to do more. Motivation to train, motivation to get out of bed at 5 am when I set my alarm. It has gotten really easy to roll over, reset my alarm for 7 am, and fall back to sleep. So I don't really have the motivation to updated my blog either...

Don't worry, this is pretty normal for me. I go through phases, I think we all do. Mine might be just a bit more extreme. Sometimes it's easy to get up quickly, easy to head out the door 15 minutes after getting off of work for a two hour training session. Right now it's not. I need some down time.

This past week, I ran once, Wednesday night track workout. I biked once, Tuesday night cyclo cross practice. These were group workouts, easier to go to group workouts. My two other group workouts, the Tuesday/Thursday workouts, it was raining for those and with my motivation levels the bed won on those mornings.

So I signed up for Rockbridge Revenge, a cross country race in a local state park. It's my favorite place to run. The race was Sunday, I really didn't feel like racing per se, just thought I could use it to jump start my motivation. Go out, run a 7 mile tempo run through my favorite training location in Columbia, and use it as a springboard to jump start my running. Diving headfirst into a log might not have been the best approach for jumpstarting my running!

I came up to a log across the trail. Decent sized log, probably 2 or 3 feet high. As I approached, I tried to decide if I should hurdle it, or step on it to get over. I decided to hurdle, but just before I did, as I was analyzing the width and other side of the log, I tripped over something in the trail and went headfirst into the log. First thought was the teeth, are they all still here? They were and since I had another two miles to go and a runner to catch who had just passed me, I collected my wits and glasses and started running again.

Turns out my tooth had gone clean through my lower lip. After finishing, Tom Hall told me my lip was still hung up on my tooth. Thinking a quick tug would do the trick, I was shocked how hard I had to pull up and stretch my lip to get it unhooked! Eventually I was convinced to go to the ER where I ended up needing a total of 10 stiches...

So did it work? I didn't feel motivated to train any harder today. My alarm went off at 5:45, I reset it for 7. Of course, I did wake up several times during the night from my fat lip and sore neck, I probably needed the sleep.

I was able to talk myself into a 4 mile run after work. It's not much, but I'm further along than I was at this time last week. Sometimes when you aren't motivated, you just have to do it and hope the motivation kicks in after you start. Kind of like this post I wasn't motivated to write...