Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting back at this...

Last time I posted on this blog was in August of 2012, so much has happened since then! I think it was shortly after my last post that I started dating Leslie Goelz and in November of 2013 we got married. In December of 2013 I ended up with several bulging discs in my back which kept me from training/racing through all of 2014 and it has only been in the past few weeks that I've started planning a come back to training and racing. With this in mind, I decided to resurrect my blog and website!

I had actually noticed a while back that the home page on my website was broken, I had some code that automatically loaded the RSS feed from this BlogSpot page as clickable links/stories. Since this code was broken and I was at a loss on fixing it, I decided to abandon my custom PHP coded website I had created and instead install a Wordpress based website. I've gotten the bulk of the work done with that project, still need to clean the site up though. Look for new/fresh content soon!


  1. Woohoo! Hope that training "pops" for you after a couple months. I am also getting back at it. Last trained up Tri was Trizou with you! Gonna be hitting up some MN and WI tris and then finish off with Pigman Longcourse. Right now I am at 27.1mph for an out n back 10 mile TT and 5:39 for a mile. 15 milers are at 7:40 pace and 80-90 mile bikes are over 20mph. Swimming is pushing it at 1:20 pace though. I am hoping to come down next year for a few races down that way so keep updated about your races.

    1. Where are living these days? Yeah, it's going to take at least a couple of months if not a couple of years to be back able to train/race with you! Ran a 9:37 mile with Leslie on Saturday, then ran on my own and tried pushing it, was going to hit about 7:55 for a mile and then got some sharp pain so backed off for an 8:10 mile... Quite a ways to go!